So I've been playing with this tuning lately and have thus far found one song written in it. She Talks To Angels - by The Black Crowes and it's an awesome tune that right about at my current skill level...

can anyone recommend some other good songs in open e? I feel kind silly leaving my acoustic tuned that way if I only know one song.. hmm come to think of it i might need to go look up some chord forms as well so as to be able to write in it.

Any suggestions? oh and since this is my first post nd all.. Hi Guys/Gals/Undecideds
haha i saw the title and was gonna suggest that song

HAHA no ideas anymore sorry :/
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well, green day was at woodstock. so they are classic rock! i told you!
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the entire bob dylan album "blood on the tracks"

Maybe you can find a song which is on it here

thanks man, I'll check tha tout when i get home