I'm looking into a purchasing a wah. I'll be playing hendrix, SRV, and really need it to be versatile. I was checking out Teese RMC 2 and 3, the hendrix experience pedal, the red specail brian may pedal, dunlop crybaby, and vox. I really don't know i've tried almost everyone and i just would like opinions on the durabilty of these and if you guys have any of them.
The crybaby 535q is pretty versatile, so is the dime wah. I haven't really tried much else.
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As far as I know the Teese RMC wahs are the best. Even Joe Satriani uses them!
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I have a 1970ish Dallas Arbiter Wah Baby with a vintage Fasel Inductor (which i modified with a new pot and true bypass), and if i hadn't stumbled on it for such an incredible price, I would have bough the RMC Picture Wah. Most vintage accurate tone I've heard out of a modern wah.
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under no circumstances should you ever buy a pedal like the May or Hendrix ones. They're really not that good. From what I've heard, the Teese wahs are really nice. John Mayer uses one and SRV used one for about year before he died I'm pretty sure. You also might like an original Crybaby, although they can be a little hissy. I don't know too much about the Vox wahs though.
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The Dunlop 535 and Ibanez Weeping Demon are the most versatile wahs i know (though the ibanez does sound better for metal rather than classic sounds). The Vox will give you a very classic sound but don't work great with high gain. The Brian May pedal IS NOT A WAH however...

I have a Weeping Demon and love how it works (turns on simply by rocking it if u set it to automatic) but it doesn't give me much of a classic sound. The only other pedal i know that does that too is the Bad Horsie II which is used by Steve Vai. From what i've heard it's a great wah pedal.
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Ok i checked into SRV john mayer and jimi's rigs and they all used vox/(SRV & JM) used Teese. I can't decide if i want the RMC 2 or RMC 3
I'm looking into either the RMC2 or 3. I'd get the three, but the fact that you have to open up the pedal to adjust settings kind of puts me off. Is it as annoying as it sounds to adjust it? Also, where can you find these? I've looked all over and can't find them.
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You can get them from the teese website, I think. Other than that, just google it. That's what i did.
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Ok i checked into SRV john mayer and jimi's rigs and they all used vox/(SRV & JM) used Teese. I can't decide if i want the RMC 2 or RMC 3

SRV used crybabies...good, old 80s crybabies
john mayer..no idea
hendrix, yes, hendrix used vox


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I bought my teese rmc3 off pro guitar shop. best thing ever it ****s all over the dime crybaby. Maybe you'd like a rmc4 better? its more like a hendrix wah, but the rmc3 is great, and im not a fiddler, im just using the stock settings
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Hendrix experience is pretty efficient.

Can't go wrong with a crybaby.

But Vox wahs can help you if you're hendrix heavy.
RMC wahs are pretty awesome.
The most recent versions are exteremely good.
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