Hello people. I'm new around here and I'm looking for some advice on what to buy to play silently at night. I was about to buy a set of headphones when I came accross those VOX amPlug things. They look cool, and I did some research and they seem to work ok for what you are paying them.

I got a small Marshall with a headphone line out. So what do you think would be better? I cant seem to find a good set of headphones for the same price I can get an amPlug.

Also, if someone can explain, can you plug in common headphones in the amPlug? (like iPod headphones) Because I dont completely understand how they work.

Thanks for the help.
Yeah, any old headphones can go into the amplug. Even computer speakers and such. I plugged one into my surround sound and it sounded wayyy cool. Also, you can just spend $3 at radio shack and get an adapter for your Marshall that will let you plug normal headphones into it, if you want. Though I can assure you, the vox will sound much better.
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yes you can

The amplugs are actually quite good, my stepdad has the ac30 one

Although he does use high quality Boss earphones. But i have tried my own and it is still gurd enough.