Im in the process of deciding on an amp, yet am undecided in many ways.

Firstly i am undecided as to whether i want an amp large enough to be giggable/playable with band- I like the idea of it, yet at current its slightly unnecessary. However, i would just like to get used to bigger amps and the settings required due to whenever confronted with a larger amp(frequently) with many Knobs i dont really have much idea how to weedle the tone i want out (currently using a 10Wmg with no tone knobs).

Secondly, i am undecided as to whether to go SS or valve. I don't like all of the crap you get with valve amps, nor the price, and haven't really heard the tone difference.
So far i think SS amps seem simpler, more hardwaring, and less work.

Anyways ive been looking at:

Randall cube-60
Peavey royal 8
Peavey bandit 112
Suggestions please!

I play Death metal\Grindcore - Psyopus, dying fetus, nile, architects, suicide silence

Budget of £200-ish
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Roland Cube 60* I think is what you mean.

Peavey Royal 8 is a nice little amp.
But, it doesnt have all the knobs you speak of lol.
tube amps sound alot better at higher volumes were u no on ur solid state were u only turn it up so loud cus it starts sounding ****y past that volume tubes sound better the louder there turned up
for a valve or tube amp in ur price id say the valveking is good but if u want solid state get the cube
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