Poll: Is war good or bad?
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ok so i was looking through the pit for something bout war, and i couldnt find any
i used the search bar through, is theres a thread my bad
but im wonderin what the pit Really thinks of War, the war in Iraq for instance, good or bad? and is war ever justified, wheter by blood or words?
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War, what is it good for
Absolutely NOTHING
Say it again
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It's bad if it's for greedy reasons and such...and for "fun". But i'm not opposed to it if it's for something important like freedom.
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There is also a military thread.
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depends, sometimes war can be better for a country to go through, but thats only for after woulds, and if its a success. if it fails, then its just a pointless waste of time and the countres involved are even more ****ed up than they were before.

also, your poll needs more options to it. try adding, "Only under cetain circumstances".
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