I have been eyeing a Krank amp for a while, and the Rev. Jr. is one I can actually afford. I like tones such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, and Rusty Cooley, but I also like a really distorted thrashy tone like Dave Mustaine and Alex Skolnick (Testament). Would the Krank be able to give me these types of tones? I do have a Gibson Les Paul Studio, but I plan on exchanging the pickups for some DiMarzios or Blackouts... still haven't decided yet.

Also, I've heard that Guitar World recently did a feature on it. I have the issue (August, with the Disturbed guitarist on the front that says "Shred, White and Blue". But I must have gone through the issue 5 times and still haven't found it... i feel like a silly goose. Can someone give me the page number?
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Yes, that is a surprisingly versatile amp. And as for the Latest guitar world magazine, if you bought the magazine in a bag, it would have came with a large cardboard paper behind the magazine that had a little bit of info on the amp. I couldn't find anything in the actual magazine.
In regards to it's feature in the mag... it's on the back cover =/ Sadly. There's also a review in another recent issue, but I can't remember which one.
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It is on the May "300th" issue in the Soundcheck portion of the mag in the back, a full two pages of info. Krank has the Rev jr. pro which is much better than the original one coming out. Check out their website they show it with features like two separate channels with a foot switch. You should be able to get lots of tones because the Revolution is supposed to be very versatile and the Jr. does the same.

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Definitely wait for the Rev Jr. Pro, but I haven't heard anything but good things about the original, and the Pro will most likely be even better.
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how much is the pro gonna cost?

$999 for full stack
$799 for half stack
$599 for head
$200 for cab

Good deals: rok-en-rol, truespin, ICFootball62, IndianScout, tinypants, HartRacer86, Huntred_67, Perandor, and many others from HC
I went and tried it out just yesterday. The thing is a little power house. Great low end punch or high end if you want it. It's very versatile. The Krank channel w/o the boost on will give you a nice rock tone and then if you push the boost, all the metal distortion you'd need.

I was thinking of buying it until yesterday when the worker there asked me to be in a band with him, and after hearing the drummer tonight, I definitely going to need more than 20 watts. But for small gigs, it's more than worthy. Like the other guy said though, I'd wait for the Pro, it's going to be footswitchable and an extra eq for the clean channel.