when im playing i have a specific sound in mind for what i want to hear, so i was hoping some people could help me with working out how best to get this sound

i like the lowest three, sometimes 4, strings (e, a, d and sometimes g) to sound quite biting, because on power chords, i find it sounds very nice. but i like my higher strings (e, b, sometimes g) to sound quite creamy and thick.

now up until now, its been a case of me switching between pickups for the different sounds, like bridge for rhythm, then neck for the more leady type stuff, but to be honest im getting really annoyed at doing it all the time - so i was wondering, how would i go about making it so that one pickup could do both things.

i was thinking about having a pickup like a bass - where some pole pieces are closer to the neck and some are closer to the bridge, and they only cover certain strings - would this work for what im looking for?

alternatively, would slanting a pickup so that it was pointed the opposite way to a strats slanted pickup do this for me?

could i make a pickup that covered only half of the strings and wind it a low, and strap it onto a pickup that covers the other half, and has a higher number of winds?
Right.. it sounds to me like you need the following:

Clear, dynamic pickups, with reasonable to high output.. NOT super high output boxes of fuzz, which mush all of the notes together... that gives you a clean base to build on.

Next, a clean boost to keep things clear, and add some bite (if you're using a tube amp, of course).

Use a good distortion pedal, but don't crank the gain like mad, and be sure to boost the bass and treble (bass 9, treble 7, mids 4).

You'd get the thickest sound with a 12" speaker.

Use a decent tube amp, where your plan should be to overdrive the preamp section slightly, to give you that bite, then use poweramp distortion to keep things clean, but make them sound heavy.

Sorry if that made no sense - I'm kind of tired.

Edit: Look at Alexi Laiho's rig for examples.

Also, I get that kind of tone with the following:

EMG 81 -> Boss SD-1 with the level at full, tone slightly treble-biased, and no gain -> EHX Metal Muff with the level high ish, gain high (but not at full) then bass 10, mid 3, treble 7 -> Valveking Royal 8 with gain at 7, tone centred, and master volume anywhere (higher poweramp volume -> 'bigger' sound) OR -> Ashdown FA60 2x12 with whatever settings I can be arsed with.

Get a nice, strong, clear signal, then boost the **** out of it, without adding a tonne of fuzz.
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and i'll give that a do

the nearest ive been able to come to either sound as yet is to have bass at about 4, mids at around 7 an treble bent round the ten needle, but that only gives me the sound that im looking for on the wound strings, the others ive just taken to playing very gently.