My guitar (an Ibanez RG4EXQM!) has had fret buzz that I have not been able to get rid of ever since I bought it, but thats not the point. The thing is, on one of my strings even when I fret it on the highest fret possible (the 24th), I still get some buzzing.

Is it possible to have fret buzz when you're fretting the highest note? I don't think so because fret buzz is when the string rubs against the other frets, but I've been wrong about guitar stuff before.

If it isn't possible, then I can safely say that the buzzing is coming from my tremolo (and yes, its an edge III, i'm aware of that.) Any chance anyone with experience with edge III's could tell me where in the bridge buzzing is coming from, cause I have been testing the bridge in all sorts of ways for the past week to no avail. And all I've been able to rule out is that it's not any loose screws.
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see if your tunning pegs are also stable, my guitar did that becuse of htose

yeah thats probably it.
try holding each tuning peg and picking that string, if it stops buzzing when you hold one of them, that peg needs to be fixed or replaced...
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1) I'm positive its not touching the pickups, theres a good few centimeters between the string and the top of the bridge one, which is the highest.

2) I tried the tuning peg thing and that didn't help. I have locking nuts on my guitar anyways, but since I can't get at my guitar tools for the next hour or so, I'll try tightening that. Either way, shouldn't that not effect the sound since the buzzing would occur on the left side of where my hand frets the note, not the right side where it is picked up by the pickup.

3) It buzzes much more on a clean setting through an amplifier than it does without an amplifier. In fact, I only started to notice the buzzing when I played the high note in the amp.

Sorry that I may sound like I'm just rejecting all your guys' ideas, but you have no idea how much I actually appreciate it. I'm really thankful for the help.
Yes, ive faced that problem a few times before. in my case, which took a long time to figure out, it was the truss rod resonating against the body.try to 'pad' that and check.if that doesnt work, try pressing/holding a pickup down and playing a note/that particular note.if that doesnt work try each string at a time, and figure out which string it is.if its a particular note on a particular string, then you have to figure out a way to cancel out the resonance.that should do the trick.
ps:also try pressing down on the tuning pegs to see if they are resonating.its most probably a resonance issue.
fastcar, i tried all your methods, but none of them have succeeded. i'm pretty positive now its something in the bridge. I hear a rattling noise when i play the highest note on the strings E, A, D, and G.

EDIT: I might've been wrong in saying earlier that there were no screws loose in the bridge. I'll check it out tomorrow morning and post an update.