well everybody, today is my 21st birthday. i've been bartending for a year now ( in tn it's 18 to sell, 21 to buy - makes a lot of sense doesn't it?). i'm starting my senior year in college at middle tennessee state university in the music ed program. italy is advancing in the euro cup. my band, tendency to stray, is just about finished with our full length album - DAMN NOT HAVING A VOCALIST!!! and tonight, TANTRIC is playing in nasvhille at on the rocks! this has been a damn good week so far
Congrats man. Sounds like good times.

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Happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday.

Sound like all the gears are turning for ya
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your 21 and a senior in college? where is all the free time dude?
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Awesome dude. I'm turning 16 tomorrow. My week hasn't been as cool as yours though. My band just lost a vocalist and I was asked to sing from now on, so I'm pretty nervous.
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Happy Birthday dude

Me too.

Was all geared up for 'Pics of GTFO!' and everything.


Happy birthday, TS!