My band was planning on recording drum tracks tommorrow but my drummer decided that he wants to get new heads so we planned to go to a music store to get the gear tommorrow morning then go straight to recording.

However my friend who's not in my band and a bit more knowledgeable this kind of stuff told me that we shouldn't bother recording because for one thing heads can take up to 4 hours to change if you don't know what you're doing (my drummer has never changed drum heads).
And also that when you first change them they go out of tune easily and you need to wait a couple of days to for them to 'set in'. Although my band has been going at a slow pace so we're not so enthusiastic about waiting any longer but if it really makes a difference then I guess we will.

Is that true? What do you reccomend we do?

hey.. i've taken over my drummer's set because he keeps it in my garage (our practice area) I have punched through 3 drum heads, the whole snare and one tom.. he also never tuned them when they were at his house.. I took on the responsibility of tuning it, and changing the broken heads... The first time I tried to tune JUST the bass drum without any knowledge of changing drum heads, it took me nearly 2 hours.. That was with the assistance of youtube videos... Since them on all the other drum heads I've changed, they take A LONG TIME to change, tune, break in, tune and then play... whatever you do.. DO NOT CHANGE THEM BEFORE A RECORDING SESSION.. you'll never get them to sound good in that amount of time, and they will go out of tune during the songs
I've changed my heads twice and have never had that problem. Especially with the Remo heads I got, they were great right out of the box, but I'm not the most expierenced drummer. I'd say go for it because I know what its like to have a band that moves at a slow pace. Also, it does take awhile to change heads because you have to unscrew everything, then screw it back on, and then tune, so buy the heads as quickly as possible and start to work (work time is cut in half if you've got two drum keys and two people working on it)
Heads don't take that long to change... it's tuning them that can be a bitch. Wait to change them until after you record or wait to record until they're nice and set in...

And I recommend using two drum keys and adjusting lugs in pairs across from each other. It's faster and yields a more even tune.
We've decided to get new heads tommorrow and set them up and probably start recording the following day