Alright, I have a Peavey 6505 (Standard not plus) and I'm pretty much set on buying four JJ 6L6GC's because I have heard they sound great in a 6505. As for the preamp, I'm gonna get the Tungsol 12AX7's because I have heard nothing but good things about them... My question is... should I order 5 Tungsol 12AX7's or should I mix it up in the preamp (such as 3 tungsol's and 2 other tubes from another brand)

If you think I should mix it up, what are some other preamp tubes you would suggest to put with the Tungsol's? Also, do you think these JJ's and Tungsol's are a good match for my 6505? Im open for any suggestions.

I've realized that mixing and matching preamp tubes can help you achieve the tone you want better than getting a full set of the same model/brand.

Sure, go for a few tungsols, and perhaps a couple of JJ's?
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