I'm moving out in a few months (hopefully mid-September) to a place that's around 300 miles away.

Now,I'll need a full time job and accomodation.
Being 16 (17 when I move) I guess it's going to be pretty difficult-to make things worse-I highly doubt that any employee will hire me without a place to live,and I doubt that anyone will rent me a room without being employed.
My dad lives in London (about 50 miles from where I want to be),but I doubt living there would give me any advantage because of the distance.

I've had jobs in the past but there is no chance of a reference from any:
Music shop-The owners moved back to Reading,I can't contact them
Hotel-They treated me like crap so I just left,not the best way to go but when you're 15 and stressing over exams you really don't care
Pub-The owners met my step-dad and did a runner due to working with him elsewhere and realising he knew a secret about them

If anyone could give me some much needed advice,it would be appreciated.

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The owners met my step-dad and did a runner due to working with him elsewhere and realising he knew a secret about them

What was the secret that was so bad that they had to do a runner?

And you could still get a job without references - I have.
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Find housing first. Seek out people renting out single rooms and tell them you are new to the area and will be looking for jobs. Good people will never refuse you a home if you can front the first month's rent.
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Where from/to?

From York to south-Kent,probably Folkestone

I have no idea what it was but the people were dodgy,probably a robbery or something.
First go there for a day or two and hand out resume and fill out apps. That way by the time your ready to move down there you will most likely have a job.

Thats what I'm doing.

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You don't need somewhere to live to get the job as long as they understand you'll be moving into the vicinity before you start.

I got a job in Essex while living in Glasgow without having found anywhere to live in Essex yet.

Bit of a gamble to move somewhere for a job you haven't even been offered yet, hmm?