I have 3 4 strings and just bought a 5 today, which do you prefer and why, they both have thier pros and cons
Four string. Easy to pop/slap, among other techniques. And I dont think the extra 5 notes per position is THAT attractive. Most people dont even use the ones they have with a 4 string.
Depends on the music I am playing.

One band I use a 4 string dropped to D standard or drop C, they play metalcore.

The other band I play a 5 string, more rock/metal sound.
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"Cool" isn't very important though. Playing well and sounding good is better.

I've got three 4s and a 5. I think I prefer 5 on the whole, but there are advantages to 4 (more choice of instruments, the simplicity of it can be good, wider string spacing can be a bonus)
5 string is better because....

Referring to Victor Wooten
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I've always just liked 4 strings better.

For the most part, I find the bottom string unnecessary.