Hi All
I have a Creative Soundblaster 24bit external sound system on my PC and I'm looking at using it to record my guitar onto my PC.
On the online manual it shows how you should connect your guitar to your Soundblaster, but my question is.......
Does anyone know if I could connect it through my Marshall JCM800 DI socket? Or does it have to go through an effect unit as pictured in the manual.
Does anyone here use the Soundblaster? I've been using it to record all my Vinyl onto my PC and it comes out relly well, so I thought it would work just aswell on my guitar.
I've attached a screenshot of the diagram from the manual.

All the best
Yes, you can run the DI from your JCM to the Soundblaster, just make sure you still have a speaker plugged in or your amp is carrying some kind of active load. It won't be the best sounding, but it can be done.