Poll: How do you buy your eggs
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4 15%
1 4%
free range
11 41%
2 7%
whatever's on the shelf
9 33%
Voters: 27.
Searchbar came up with nothing. So, what kind do you buy? Free range, battery or barn eggs? Or do you look at the price or buy whatever they have in stock?
I went into a shop a couple of hours ago and asked the guy if he stocked free range eggs. He said: "free..... range...? What is this free range you talk about". I tried explaining it to him but he wasn't paying any attention . I just left the shop a bit dissapointed.
We also had no free range eggs at the shop near my uni halls of residence so I had to walk 20 minutes uphill just for some eggs (and I ate eggs every day).
So, do you not feel guilty about buying barn eggs for those that do?
I have no clue. They come in little cardboard cartons, and are found refrigerated in the store.

They taste good, too. Any ideas?
From the people down the street.
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neighbour's chicken farm
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Whats the difference...?
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Whats the difference...?

From wikipedia:
"The main difference between free range and factory farmed eggs is that the birds are permitted to roam freely within the farmyard and only kept in sheds or henhouses at night".
Basically, free range eggs are from chickens kept in sanitary conditions and are allowed to live like animals and not be abused.