Hey guys... just wanted to throw up some playing of mine and see what people thought. This is one of my favorite solos (who's isn't it) and I know there's some minor errors in there but I'd really appreciate some feedback. Comments on my tone would be appreciated as well. Thanks all.

Song is in my profile.

- Nick
That sounded pretty good dude. The effect you had on your guitar is pretty close, it might of had just a tad too much treble in it. The only negative thing I can say about the actual playing is there were a few minor spots where you emphasized some phrases differently then he does. And I think there's a few issues with sound quality but that just due simply to the recording method which for all I know is out of your hands.

Over all man I thought it was good, and yea one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. Makes me wish I had my electric right now. Good job.
that was awesome, i would've thought it was straight from the original if not for the backing track. tone was amazing, sounded right on. seriously, im not just trying to be nice, i'm gonna have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day now. 5/5 stars.
check out mine if you have time. i would really appreciate your opinion.

Sounded great. a couple areas that seemed like you stumbled and a couple spots that i would have started in with a slide instead of just the note but still great playing.

Did you get that tone yourself or by using settings from Gilmourish.com (great site)? because it sounded almost perfect


Please crit mine? its another Floyd tune, only its an album worth.

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how the hell did you do that? you got the tone down perfect. do you have a reverb or something echoing on? you may want to turn that down a little. but overall they are both sick.

crit mine please

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