When i try to sing and play at the same time i always get flat, cause i worry about the guitar, then when i worry about getting back in the key for vocals i screw up on the guitar......especcialy if i play rhythem...any tips? thanks in advance
find a few songs with simple chord progressions to start with (Bankrupt on selling by Modest Mouse comes to mind) and practice with those. As you become more comfortable, try more complex songs.
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practice the song on the guitar till you dont have to worry bout it then you will have no trouble singin. after doing that with a couple of songs you'll be able to do it without practicing a song
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I started on 'All The Small Things' by Blink 182.

Just a question of practice, man. Good luck.
The search bar is your friend, this has been answered tons.

Anyway, i posted this in another thread like this:
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If you want to play and sing then you have to be able to do one of these things without even thinking about it. This thing will probably be guitar but you can do it with singing as well.

Mainly just practise both seperately a lot then when you can play or sing without thinking about it much then put them together and you should be able to do both.

It's the best advice i can give you.