Northern Silence is one of, if not the, BEST underground labels out there right now, and they are worthy of an e-pimping. I was thinking of making a couple threads on some of their bands, but they'll get one or two responses then die, and there were too many bands to choose from anyways. So If you're a fan of atmospheric, blackened, or just straight-up folk metal you should give some of these bands a listen.

Some of the better bands to check out:


They also have released material by Wyrd, Amoseours (sp?) and Fen!

http://www.myspace.com/northernsilenceproductions (has links in top friends to signed artists)

If you are a fan of folk or black metal, and listen to stuff like later-era-Burzum and Summoning, you have to check out some of these Northern Silence groups. You will find a band to your liking.

You can find a list of all signed bands on MA probably.

Have fun