Hello all people,

Me and me amigos put together a band just a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering if there were any songs that we could start out with. We have a good bassist (me) and a good drummer. We dont have a great guitarist though and there isnt a singer. We need an easy song plz help!
Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin
Santeria - Sublime
Same in the End - Sublime
Say it Ain't So - Weezer
Any punk song
Bombtrack - Rage Against the Machine

Those are just some suggestions, I don't really know your style or how "not great" your guitarist is. Just listen to some songs you like until you hear one that sounds easy, good luck.
animal i have become would be a kool one if ur jst lookin for bass and drums and la grange has a pretty sweet bassline but like 80% of the song is a guitar solo
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I personally prefer Dr.Dre but Lil Jon is gangsta home boy fresh aswell.
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my first bands first song was Unholy Confesions and is realy easy to play without a singer
and yes we were a three piece band but if ur guitarist kant handle this song u may wanna think about a replacement because i learned it after about 1 year of playing (not saying it takes that much preperation just saying i was fairly inexperienced)

if u dont have a singer then dont freak on haveing to play a song from front to back jsut learn all the riffs and shorten it up however much u want.......oh and dont butcher anything