What scales do you guys use for soloing?
I havent really gotten to learning any scales aside from the pentatonic mode.
so what do you use?
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minor scale, major scale, phygrian sometimes
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all i use is the pentatonic scale. the pentatonic scale and octaves pretty much makes up my bass playing.
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try either dorian mode or aeolian mode. dorian mixes major and minor pentatonic and aeolian just rules because Kirk Hammett uses it.
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I only know the relative major and minor scales for a key. I can also play the pentatonic major/minor.

That's about it for now, excluding arpeggios which can sound great for solos.

Hoping to start work on modes as soon as lessons start again.
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I know all the major scales and Minor Pentatonic scales, All I ever use is the pentatonic though.

so I'd suggest learning that.
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Definitely start with major and minor scales in all the modes.....
I also use the blues and bebop scales alot, but that's just my style......

try to experiment with some exotic scales as well. don't try to go out and completely memorize all of them, that's pretty much impossible, but throwing in a little oriental, hindu, or arabesque scale work can do alot in the right places. whatever sounds good
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I use scales that fit the music.

However my favorites are the natural minor, diminished, lydian, minor pentatonic and major pentatonic.
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i havent been using this scale real in depth, but the other day i read about the Locrian scale in the electric guitar forum, and i liked it, so ive gotta go actually learn it now, instead of just dabbling with the notes
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i prefer the phlantagalic and the hermalgiclactic... lol j/k

actually i do not know ANY of those scales yet, i can read tabs (slowly) only. and have absolutely no idea what/where notes are by name. i can do power chords, but no others, basically one note at a time + hammers/ pulloffs / slides / bends / and the whammy of course

where is a good place to learn chords? i remember when i was about 10 and took lessons for a year or 2 the teacher had a bunch of charts, but he did not teach me any of that. he only showed me the beginnings of about 20 songs, i can just about finish seek and destroy. the rest are all partial peices, including some solo's like the first solo in 'one' and the first one in sanatarium welcome home

i am a quick learner, and somewhat coordinated so i really just need to learn finger placement techniques.

forgot to mention im 30 now, so i imagine lessons would be worth alot more now then they were back then, but i would rather 'self-learn' researching this site has been very helpful so far. just trying to take in so much at the same time, not sure what to work on first. thanks for any advice on where to start