It's so sad that i cannot tell...
The difference between fake and real
In todays society
It's all the same
This **** is killing me
I cant even breathe
Ive been left for dead....
My mind is breaking down
My body's shutting down tonight...

In 24 hour's everything's changed
Im the one digging my own grave
Will you leave some flower's for me tonight?
Ill free my self from this life
It's over....tonight

Verse 2
No more connection's
I wont follow misdrection
Is there a heaven?
Is there a hell?
And will i go there?
Who could tell
But im am sure of one thing though
There is this life
So let's stop the crieng
So dont cry for me today
Im in a better place
So they say
But all here is silent
It's black and cold
I can hear car's on the road but nothing else
They say you see a light
But i dont know what i felt....

Chorus 2
In 24 hour's It's another day
Ill be over here, digging my own grave
Will you leave some flower's after i die?
Ill free my self, from this fright
It's over tonight....

It's so hard to believe
That ive wasted all of this time
I cant believe ive wasted my life
living this...lie

Chorus 3

24 hour's ago
I didnt even know
Who was wrong and who was rite
It's over tonight
24 hour's ago
I couldnt be saved
Who will be digging my grave?
Will you leave me some flower's tonight?
Ill free my self, from this life
It's over tonight.......

kinda emo i know but..meh what do you guys think?