Anyways, I bought a Smokey Amps 1 watt mini amp. It was pretty cool, guitar volume controlled overdrive and meh for 30 bucks it was really awesome. But it's more of a toy, less of an amp. So my mom and her bf smoke, and well she smokes something with a long, thin box and he smokes marlboro lights[short wide box] so, I got him to empty a box and put his cigs in a soft pack for himself. So my question now is, I wish to build a 1 watt amp that runs off a 9 volt battery, but ones that's versatile. By that I just want my guitar to be up all the way and the signal be clean, and just flick a switch[like on a Fender Jaguar] on the side of the box for the gain to kick in. So what's a good schematic/picture diagram to follow, and what parts will I need? Links to sites are good, as I'm off to google myself to find some things, but I just thought you guys here would be of great help for making this a reality.

So the layout is:

Input>amp<------->ext. speaker

I do not plan to put a speaker in it. Maybe it should be

----------------dirty-----ext speaker

I'm not looking for a perfect sound, but something that makes you go "I didn't know a little thing could sound so good".

Matter of fact, if I can just make that Fender mini-tone master 'head' part with headphone and speaker out, that would be wonderful! Found the schematic. But TBH, how do I read a schematic properly? How do I know what goes on top/bottom of a chip board thing?
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