I know this topic may have been beaten to death but I can't find too much info and I'm torn. I found a new ac15 for 500 and a used 2003 blues jr for 285 and I am torn. The only AC15 I could try was the handwired 1400 dollar one, and it sounded NICE but then again so did the blues jr....tough call. Any input?

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i would definitely get the vox

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I dunno, blues junior has some pretty sweet cleans, i think it's more of a best price issue
i'm partial to the blues jr. but the vox is a tad more versitale

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The handwired AC15 is really nice. The AC15CC is... eh.

At the prices you're looking at, I'd go with the Blues Jr.
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Man, that's a tough choice.