Well, I made the mistake of watching one the Taylor "Is your guitar too dry/wet" videos, and I have now reached a state of paranoia.

I keep my GS6 in my case... I live in the mountains, and I guess the humidity is pretty dry (Western North Carolina, if you're wondering).

I have a Kyser Lifeguard that I have never used--mainly for fear of dripping.

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I have no idea about the humidity levels in my basement where I keep my guitars or in my guitar's case.

I was thinking about buying a simple Hygrometer off of Amazon (Link) to get an idea about if I should humidify my guitar or get a dehumidifier.

I checked all of the symptons, and it might be a little dry, but it seems okay. I am just paranoid--dryness is like the silent killer. Dropping a guitar or whacking it is sudden, but easily preventable--but water, yes water, it creeps in or disappears without a sound.

Anyway, does it sound like a good idea? I think I might buy two, this small one for my guitar (should I just set it inside my guitar's sound hole?) and one for monitoring my basement.

I hear Taylor likes to keep their stock at 47% RH. True fact?
Guitars dont have to be at an exact amount of humidity. anywhere from 40-55% is pretty safe.

generally, i only use my humidifier in the winter time when it gets really dry. if i keep it in during the summer months it'll get over huimdified, which might be just as bad as under humidified.

just buy one of them... honestly, dont get paranoid. if you're really worried keeping your guitar in top shape then leave your guitar in the case and put your hygrometer in the case. NOT the soundhole. close the lid and the latches and just leave it in there for a while. check it the next day and put a humidifier in if needed. it's not rocket science.

damage from humidity(or lack of it) takes at least a month or two unless you're really abusing your guitar and taking it out to the desert or something. if you're scared of the humidifier dripping into your guitar(which i doubt it'll do) then put it in the case somewhere where the air can reach the soundhole. the space underneath the headstock usually has quite a bit of space.

honestly.. dont be parnoid. guitar care is VERY simple. dont make a big deal out of it
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So, I went ahead and bought a hygrometer from Radioshack.

It has been sitting in my guitar (it's shape is perfect and allows for it to be suspended in the guitar's body).... Clearly, it was just paranoia. The readings have been averaging from 47%-49%.