I just listened to Disturbed- Inside the Fire 60 times on the spot. I've got it on repeat on iTunes, and it just hit 60. I just added it a few hours ago, so I know I've listened to it that many times.

Anything you all never get tired of?
EDIT:I look at my play count.
Martini Time-Reverend Horton Heat
Whiskey in the Jar-Metallica
Rise Above This-Seether
Feel Like Making Love-Bad Company
Sultans of Swing-Dire Straits

Seriously, every time I hear any of those songs it's a pleasure
The Pit. The Movie.
100 Resolutions.
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Jellybelly by The Smashing Pumpkins!

When I was new to guitar, I played that song every single day at least three times a day for an entire year. I never got sick of it. And I still play/listen to it on occasion.
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Some Children of Bodom songs are like that for me.

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Peavey Valveking 112 (w/ Bad Monkey and GE-7 EQ)
Heart-Shaped Box, Rape Me, Smells like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Man who Sold the World - Nirvana
Like the Angels, Give it all - Rise Against
Californication, Tell Me Baby, Snow - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Inside the Fire, Down with the Sickness, Ten Thousand Fists - Disturbed
Master of Puppets, One, Sad But True - Metallica
What It Is To Burn, Letters to You, New Beginnings - Finch
Aerials, Sugar, BOOM!, Chop Suey, Cigaro - System of a Down

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oh, and 99 by The Haunted.

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

Ibanez RG370DX
Peavey Valveking 112 (w/ Bad Monkey and GE-7 EQ)
Tyr - Regin Smidur
Blind Guardian - Under the Ice
Opeth - Black Rose Immoral and Blackwater Park
Judas Priest - Beyond the Realms of Death
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Art & Lutherie
Marquee Moon by Television
Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits
So What by Miles Davis
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Echoes by Pink Floyd. 23 minutes of pure musical perfection.

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