Well, me and my band just recorded our first song last week. And we finally got a Myspace a couple days ago. I did the vocals and lead guitar, and I pretty much wrote the whole thing. The song is pretty simple by my standards, and the recording quality is sub-par, but decent. If you guys could just tell me what you think, and what areas we could improve, that would be great. C4C.

Sorry our page is so lame right now lol.

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the recording was nice, guitar came out good, could have been turned down a little, but was good,
plus the vocals only come through on one side and that makes them sound weak.,
but i like the echo's in the vocals weither or not you ment to do that
good work xD
also its quite long....
^Yeah I'm gonna figure out a way to fix that. I couldn't tell when I was mixing it but it must be a problem if everyone else says it is.
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nice guitar work. vocals/singing/lyrics weren't really my bag though

Yeah I pretty much suck at anything having to do with vocals lol. But there's really not many talented singers that would actually want to sing in a rock band around where I live. It's too bad, I'd rather just play lead guitar/back up vocals and write.

Glad you guys are liking it okay so far though.
I'm a person.