I have read many threads and am more confused than before. I have a MIM Strat with an eight hole vintage pickguard (actually it has an 11 hole guard on it, but 3 of the holes aren't used). I want to put on a new pick guard, but I also want to upgrade the look and sound. I have been playing about 6 months and like just about anything you could call rock.

I don't want to do the wiring myself (I hate wiring!) so a loaded pickguard or just a set of prewired guts and a new pickguard would be great. What pick ups would improve on the stock ones and give me a good all around sound and kill a little of the noise? What else should I look for while replacing stuff? I have found all kinds of stuff on the net, but I just don't know what to get. I also have that 8 hole pickguard making it even tougher, though I bet a lot of the better places could fix me up with one.

warmoth sells eight hole strat pickguards and guitar fetish sells some nice pre-wired strat pickguards or you can customize your own hand wired pickguard from them.
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