I've been noticing some fret Buzz on my new Mitchell. Mainly while playing Barre Chords.

Although it sounds crystal clear, and doesn't Buzz at all if I press down extremely hard on the strings, which does tend to hurt a bit.

So my question is - If I can eliminate fret buzz completely by holding the chords really hard, does that mean my guitar is setup correctly ?

And buzzes only when played like a pussy ? Or is it supposed to rarely make fret-buzz ?

Fret closer to the actual fret bar and you shouldn't really get buzz if you're using proper string gauge and what not.
Fretting barre chords can be a bitch on an acoustic. Try the closer-to-the-fret technique and don't be afraid to look like a weirdo with your arm bowed out to get a better angle.
Quote by johnny butt
make sure all of the fingers you are fretting with are as close as possible to the fret the string is fretted at.

put your finger
instead of

(god i hope that made sense)

What hes trying to say if you don't understand that diagram, move your fingers as close to the left of the fret as you can, without going over to the right of the fret.

(The fret being the actual bar, not the space inbetween the bars)
Thank you so much guys!

And the diagram makes perfect sense.

I was getting worried, thinking it was a problem with the guitar itself, or I simply wasn't playing right. :P

I'm still on factory strings, which may make things a bit harder.

When I put my finger as close to the fret as I can, it sounds much crisper and clearer - almost no buzz whatsoever, if any at all.

What gauge strings do you guys recommend for acoustic ? (I was on 12 Gauge on my Electric)

Thanks !