Welll after a few weeks of searching I finally bought an amp: Vox AD30VT-XL. I liked the 12" speaker and most of the models were particularly brutal when I tested it. The clean is actually fairly impressive too, but I think that's more cause of the 12" speaker(old amp was an 8" crate).

Anyway, after a few weeks with her I think it's time to say goodbye. I'll be returning it for a few reasons. The main reason is that overdrive is nonexistent on this amp; even at low gains you get this brutal metal sound which sounds awesome to my ear, but damned if it's terrible for playing any kind of rock that's not metal. Running my Screaming Blues through the "clean" channel wasn't a particularly pretty picture either as the gain from the pickups, the pedal and the amp make a spectacular car wreck. I also found I didn't much care for the EQ(which often had little effect) nor the effects. I'm sort of craving some simplicity.

So here we are. I bought a beautiful new guitar, a Schecter Tempest Custom that I absolutely love. The quality, build, and pickups seem to suit me well. I just need a better damn amp to go with it. Have a Crate GLX15 which I'm growing to dislike day by day.

No preference either digital or tube, was looking at Blackheart BH5 combo and the Fender Super Champ XD. I tried the XD at a GC and enjoyed my time with it using another Schecter, but the Blackheart seems tempting too(GC didn't seem to have any). Budget about the same as I paid for this one, $300. Used is probably out of the picture, I've perused my region on craigslist and haven't come up with anything good outside of Blues Jrs. Genres: Rock, hard rock, alternative. After a week with br00tal, I'm gonna say that we'll leave metal out of the picture.

Soo, any opinions on the Champ or the tubeness of the Blackheart? Or perhaps a third option? This will be mainly for bedroom practice. As mentioned I have the Blues pedal which I like the sound of too, so it's possible I just need a good 12" speaker and a decent clean channel. Help me choose!
I got a Fender FM65 DSP ($300)...its a solid state but it covers a wide variety of sounds from bluesy to metal, and works great with my tele and pretty good with my agile lp...not sure how it would sound with a schecter though as I've never played one. None of the sounds are going to be as good as pure tube, but it is very versatile (I dont think its very popular on this site though, this site seems to be very anti solid state)
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Blackheart Little Giants pack some great tone.

But, if there's good deals to be had on craigslist for blues juniors, look into those.

^Wrong. UG isn't anti solidstate. We're anti low-quality solidstate. Jazz Choruses and Vettas get quite a bit of praise here. The FM series is disliked because they really aren't that good, and there's better for the price.
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