What are some good laser quest names? Me and my cousin are going to tear it up with are mother fooking lasers... and we want some intiminating names!

Suggestions? Also a Team Name!

I'm 16 and he's 17 just for the record..

This isn't a joke.
Laser Quest is amazing, I was so good a few years ago. I was always dunc, but that's just my nickname. try something dumb like dick or jizzmopper.
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For any game where it tells you who killed who, I always make my name "Some(Insert cultural group here)". For example, if I ever play Halo 3 with friends, I make my name "SomeMexicans." This is for the sole reason that if I kill someone, it says something along the lines of "You have been beaten down by SomeMexicans!"
I don't have anything against Mexicans by the way, I just think it sounds best. It was also the first one to come off the top of my head. "SomeColumbians" I think had too many syllables...
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gay and gay'er? meat and two veg?
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Or any boss from MGS3 for that matter.

Psycho Mantis is pretty sick as well.
Wolfie, Moley, Witty, Dgmey, Grundy
Some hardcore Pokemon that everyone knows and adores?
Wolfie, Moley, Witty, Dgmey, Grundy
I once used "xj6fgh7"
That was so funny when the guy was reading out the names lol
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I just just looked up this so called, "laserquest", and it looks completely full of win. I need to find the nearest one, .
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The Fuhrer

or something that relates to hitler, it usually pisses somebody on the staff off :P
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