Well, I've been on the search for a new strat. I've heard some good things about the MIJ strats. From what I've heard, they're better quality than the MIM's and are about up to par with the MIA ones.

Some questions first.

How are the old Squier Strats? Specifically the older MIJ ones. I've seen some very nice looking Squire MIJ strats on ebay, and I wanted to know if they play nicely. Or are they low quality? Would I be better off going for a Fender MIJ instead of a Squier MIJ?

Here are some examples of some decent looking Squier MIJs:




Now the actual Fender MIJ's. These also look very nice. I've found some really nice deals on Fender MIJ strats on ebay. I was wondering why this was. Are there any reliability issues with the MIJ's? They look quite stunning. I love the richer maple necks so many of them seem to have. How do they play?

Look at this thing: !!

This also looks very decent:

They are a little bit dated yes, but for their age, they look like they have excellent quality.

So to sum up my questions:

1. How are the older MIJ Squiers?
2. How are the older MIJ Fenders?
3. Why are they selling so cheap? Especially considering their quality and age?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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The older MIJ's are very nice guitars, IMO, my Fender isn't that old, ('96), but it is a great guitar, also somewhat rare, but anyway. I also got mine second hand, the neck is quite smooth, and the guitar is just solidly built. Also the older MIJ's are of a much higher quality than some of the American made guitars of the time, IMO.

Sorry if im rambling
1: The older MIJ Squiers are good instruments, early 80's and what not. I know a bass player who plays on a MIJ Squier P-bass and claims its leagues better than any MIM and most MIA basses shes owned or played. I remember reading that the early MIJ Squiers are equivalent to the Fenders being made, not sure on that but the ones I've come across were nice.

2: The MIJ fenders are the same story as the Squiers, but the most would claim to be of higher quality. Generally, I think they're way better than the current MIM guitars, better hardware and pickups.

3: The squiers sell for cheap because of the name, and the fact that they were sold as affordable guitars when they were new. The fenders are normally priced in the middle ground between MIM and MIA, and the auctions you listed arn't particularly great deals. Not that any of what you posted are ripping you off, but thats about the average price, with shipping some are above the average in my opinion.

A little while ago, I purchased a beat up MIJ Fender strat off of ebay for $200 with $35 on the shipping. A previous owner installed sperzel locking tuners and dimarzio hs-3 pickups in the neck and bridge. I spent another $50 or so fixing it (two broken tuners), and its playin like a dream now.

The Greco strats are also a good buy if your looking for a quality piece.

/a lot of the Japanese made strats are made out of basswood, if thats a concern