anbody from maryland with a guitar for sale
please speak to me
or one from another state who will offer free shipping for i only have $250 to spend
The Beatles Rock!!
what kind of guitar are you looking for??

what part of MD are you in??
are you anywhere near waldorf??
yes i am approx. 13 miles south of it
i live in bel alton
im looking for any nice good conditioned guitar really
but if its that Dean acoustic/electric i dont want it
keep in mind i only have 250
i dont want to pay shipping and handling
thats why i prefered an MD seller so i could just come pick it up
The Beatles Rock!!
I have a Squier Stratocaster for sale with a mod, selling it for $100, maybe a bit more if the shipping is a lot. See my profile picture, the red guitar. It's in pretty much mint condition except for a small gray scratch on the upper horn of the guitar.
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What kind of guitar are you looking for specifically... I live in the DC area btw.
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