Just a curious question that spawns from boredom...

Which guitar company sells/produces the most guitars?

There may not be a sure fire answer, but many things sold can be tracked in numbers (ie: cars, movies, videogames, etc).
fender including squire coz everyone thinks omg fender and gibson! when they start and fender aernt too expensive

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I would say either the Fender or Gibson umbrella, but probably Fender umbrella company which consists of:
- Fender
- Squier
- Gretsch
- Jackson
- Guild
- Charvel
- Tacoma

They own others, but only those ones make guitars.
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fenders dont make umbrellas.
but yeah fenders!
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If you don't have enough for tube get a Roland Cube.

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fenders dont make umbrellas.
but yeah fenders!
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If you don't have enough for tube get a Roland Cube.

Fender Squire Fat Strat Affinity series
Some cheap amp....
The MIM strat alone outsells many entire brands. There was an article in my local paper a while ago on strats which said that the strat outsells the next best selling guitar 5 to 1
Fender without a doubt. Fender and Gibson are the top. And Fender is more affordable than Gibson, meaning Fender sells more :]
My best guess is Fender b/c they own Jackson/charvel and Squier
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either fender, samick (they make almost every korean import guitar on the planet) or the guy that owns schecter and ESP/LTD (yes their both owned by the same guy, and practically the same company's)
If we're just talking brands, rather than entire companies, then I'd say Fender are at the top. I'd follow that by Ibanez probably, seeing as every other guitarist has one!

Gibson would be a good way down beause they price themselves out of the market a little bit for beginners.
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Since 1999 the electric guitars made by Samick no longer carry the Samick name; they are now called Greg Bennett Guitars.

Some other brands Samick builds guitars for are Epiphone, Gibson, Washburn, and Hohner. Recently have signed their first signature to Michael Graham of East Coast Ambitions with a signature Samick F100
Ibanez sell a shitload because they have the 7 string market down, theres hardly any competition. Apart from maybe Schecter, but Ibanez are far superior
Samick and KorTek (Cort) are the two biggest electric guitar manufacturers in the world I believe.

In the US it's Fender, Gibson and then Taylor (yes, Taylor).

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Yeah it would definitely be Fender but Gibson has to be up there.
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Either Cort (make Ibanez, Schector, PRS SE, ESP LTD, G&L Tribute etc etc) or Fender.

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