I am looking at spending around $600-650

I need to go into the store and try a few but right now they are out of ESP's. I was going to go with the ESP LTD EC-400VF but they don't have it so I would have to order it so I can't try it out.

They have a bunch of jacksons there, mostly looking at the dinky's. I don't know what ibanez's they have.

What do you think would be the best quality guitar for $600-650.

I want to play metal and shred as well as play some classic rock and heavy metal like sabbath.
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I want an esp also just don't know about ordering it then playing it. But overall the esp ec-400vf is my favorite. But I do like the jackson dinkys, but some of them have 3 pups which I don't like. Also I probably need a trem for shredding.
ESP definatly I have one and it is the best guitar I've ever played it felt better than guitars that cost twice as much or three times as much and I only payed $420 for it
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I know esps are good, I have one right now but its only an esp ltd ex-260 and I want something better.

I guess I could order one of the nice strat body shaped esps that has a trem, but I don't know prices on them. Maybe even the kirk hammett signature series that sells for $600~
My Viper-400 is an astounding guitar for 500-600 dollars...honestly.

The only guitar i would get after this one would be for show or for playing big gigs.

ESP dude...all the way.

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I would never buy a viper, I think the body style is disgusting. Its like a misshapen SG.

Does anyone know how much the ESP LTD deluxe M1000 costs? Probably out of my price range.

The M-400 is really nice also, anyone know the price?

...i like the body style...

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I think if you want the feel of the guitar to be good get either ESP or jackson, knowing dinkys they usually have poor upper fret access due to the bolt-on neck. If you get a Randy Rhoads or King V (not sure if you want a V shape or not) And if your looking for good trem system, still stay away from Ibanez's. The floyd rose's are alot better, than the ibanez floating trems that really **** up. For esp's they have better choice in shapes and play ability for a good price. i'd perfer a jackson that's what i have and find them better than the others.
I don't want a V or any crazy shapes, already have one of those explorer body shapes and I just want a basic shape like strat or LP shape.
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I have the ESP LTD EC-1000 and that guitar is absolutely sick. It's a bit out of your price range, but not much, I think you could save a little more money and go for it. It's a wonderful guitar.