i was wondering how much a luthier would charge me to have my dream guitar made

Tele style Maple Body
Natural Finish
Maple Neck
Maple Fingerboard
Dot Inlays with special 12th fret inlay
Vintage strat tremolo
Seymour Duncan Alinco Pickups
Black Pickguard
Locking tuners

cheers, just a rough price for when ill ge one done in about 5 years
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well in 5 years it will cost more then the price quoted now because of inflation so get a quote when you have the money
A large part of the price is going to depend on what special inlay you want and if you just wanted a maple top on an alder or ash body or if you wanted solid maple. Also, what type of maple. You need to give a lot more details before anybody can think about a price tag.
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