How hard is it? Like, Since I have like 5 years experience in electric guitar, would it be easier for me to convert to bass? What are some tricks/tips to help since technically I'd be a "beginner" in the instrument?
+1 bass is fun, ive tryed them out a few times, more freedom and slapping is dope, thicker strings etc.. just all round fun.

tips, give us them.
There are about 5 million other topics like this, but at least you actually accepted that bass is different, which a lot of Guitar Player's don't. I would advise searching the forum though, the answer is already out there.
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I wouldn't say it's easier or harder. Its.... different. It's two different approaches to making music. I will say alot of guitarists try to hide their sub-par understanding of rhythm by playing fast. That won't work on bass.

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it would depend - are you going to learn to play with your fingers or a pick?

if you are going to play with a pick it would be easier for you to learn since the hand motion would already be known - but i'd recommend you learn to play finger style so not only would you learn a new instrument but a new playing style as well.

that may be harder at first because you fingers might not be used to moving alternately (and are probably still soft)
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I didn't think it was too hard when I started bass a year or 2 ago. Ya just gotta train your fingers to stretch further and whatnot.

I switched to bass after playing the six string for about 5 years.

I agree with silvercheeze about learning to stretch your fingers.
Trying is the first step towards failure.
i was taught that arpeggios and octaves are important for bass playing
Trying is the first step towards failure.
Tricks and tips... Be ready to relearn everything that you think you can apply on bass from guitar. Bass is a strength instrument- none of this flying around with your fingers up and down the place faster than Yogi Bear to a pic-a-nic basket (for now).

You also need to get into that bassist's mindset and think of yourself as a supporting person- the bridge between drums and vocals.
Slide into the pocket, find the groove, and just run with it, or walk if your in jazz (rimshot). Bass is a very musical theory heavey kind of instrument, so know your scales. And if you want to be a good bassist, try to not pound root notes in every song, make up moving lines and remeber to keep in perfect sync with the drummer.

Style wise you just have to know to jump a tad farther than on guitar, and to know your string spacing well. That's about all I can say for that.

Theory wise remeber that basses are tuned in fourths, if you get a 6-string bass it's not going to be E-A-D-G-B-E, it's going to be B-E-A-D-G-C, so your patterns for scales will change a tad from guitar to bass.