Im looking for an amp that can play Blues and Classic Rock. I mainly play John Mayer, anything Clapton, GNR, and Blind Melon. I have always wondering what amp Clapton uses nowadays. I think he uses Fenders but what series? I have looked at some Fenders and AC30s and a Mesa Stiletto Ace that I liked a lot which would give me some more gain than Fenders or Voxs. Which amp would be right for me>
Price range?

Maybe a Fender Blues Jr.?
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Probably go for a Blues Junior. if you need anything heavier use a distortion pedal
Super Reverb or Bassman?
Right now Clapton uses a low-powered twin, the one with two rectifiers.
You mentioned getting more gain, how important is that to you? It starts to be a tradeoff when you want another channel for gain- the simplicity of single-channel or parallel preamp Fenders has a big part in their great clean and slight OD tones. An OD and a good single channel amp is probably good in your case.
If you really need a heavy gain channel, look at the fender SuperSonic.
If not, a Super or a Deluxe reverb would be great. I hate to recommend a really obscure amp that I just happen to own, but you might want to look into the Cage Corsa. It seems right up your alley, fender cleans and complex bluesy OD. PM me if you need help finding one to try out.
if thats your budget i would look into a fender deluxe reverb, or even better a used mesa lonestar. the od is decent but it has some of th most beautiful cleans/leads ive ever heard.
I have a Fender DRRI, really nice and I think it would work pretty good for you too. Maybe get a pedal for more gain, but you really should try it out!