we're star crossed lovers
but i'm not giving up just yet
the sky says she's a scorpion
and backwards i should step
but i've got my bow
and i'm and skilled in archery
i'll shoot an arrow towards her heart
and make her fall in love with me
but careful little horse boy
she can take you out with just a sting
and this would be the first time
with someone you actually felt a thing
the horse in me is telling me
that i should watch my back
but the human side is telling me
that this is love for fact
we could battle this for days
with slashing and wooden bows
but you could make me fall to my knees
without a single a blow
and it's so hard not to fall in love
when she pierces me with green
those eyes are where it really hurts
not the tail she tries to swing
you could give me some mystery
and i would give you adventure
together we could prove them wrong
when we stay in love forever
i'm so afraid of getting hurt
but i think i'll take a chance
on this scorpion girl that's had me
sense i took my first glance