Hey guys. I'm new on here. I just registered to ask this, because I havnt been able to find anything out.

I'm deciding to jump into playing the ukulele. because I want to play something new.. and I'm loving the sound..

Soo.. Can i still use the same chords that a guitar calls for? I know that the ukulele has 4 strings and different chord formations. But if a song calls for a G chord on guitar, can I play a ukulele G chord? Will it will sound the same but just higher?

Sorry that doesnt make much sense, its the best I can explain it.. I dont want to give the people at the music shop a headache with my useless questions. So I thought I'd try my luck here before going to get a ukulele. I'm just going to buy a cheaper one at first, and decide if I will stick to it or not. And then I'll buy a decent one.

Somebody out there please explain how I can convert guitar chords to ukulele if I cant play the same chords.
find out the uke tuning, find out the notes of the chord you want to play, and hold those notes while strumming.

and it will sound like strumming the upper strings of a nylon string guitar.
If you know what notes fit in chords you can figure out how to play them on a ukulele yourself. Otherwise, there's a bunch of websites where you can look up ukulele chords.

The chords won't sound exactly the same due to the different tunings and the way the strings are arranged (for example, the lowest note in the G chord on a ukulele is a D, while on guitar it is a G), but they will sound very similar, and you can play the same chords on ukulele for a song as you would on guitar.

I got a cheap ukulele a while ago, and it's a lot of fun to play. Good luck with it!
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