post the most smartar*e comment that uve ever made to a teacher, authority figure, friend. all mine are just lame hahahaha
Call me Cam
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I'm Han Solo, Splamron's Greedo.

Han shot first. Greedo's dead.
When explaining to this guy who's a Sargent in the army during CCF (basically where you get to fire guns and stuffs and have to march, yes this is at school), when he asked me "where was the last place you had it?" I just used the common "If I knew that it wouldn't be lost now, would it?"

He didn't find it nearly as funny as everyone else
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Bit harsh I think! He comes back for the last 10 minutes against Roma, after being out all season, and you want him crippled again? You harsh wanker!

Aimed at me for saying I hope Gary Neville breaks all his limbs