i was thinking of making som low-quality reocrdings at home of my band
but ive never recorded anything before could someone please
explain to me what equipment and software i'll need to do it?
I use direct outs on my amp and run it to my soundblaster audigy ex platinum external sound box. I use sony acid pro 6.0 for mixing and recording also protools but protools can be hard at first and easy drums drum kit from hell. I also have been messing with native instruments massive, battery,kore 2, and b4. edit= also get a good mic and mixer. Shure mics are realy nice and yamaha make realy nice mixers.
to be honest, you can record really high quality these days for not very much money

i say not very much...
you could get something with good results for about £300ish...
maybe pro tools and an mbox?

i know that might seem kinda expensive, but the results are awesome and its cheaper than going to a studio because you can use it over and over again

also, pro tools isnt THAT difficult to use...
you might need to get some mics too if your recording drums, or you could get a drum programme like Acoustica Beatcraft...
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there are other ways of getting programs "cough" then buying them "cough" Megaupload/rapidshare "cough" damn cold lol
Quote by scumbagdarrel
there are other ways of getting programs "cough" then buying them "cough" Megaupload/rapidshare "cough" damn cold lol

those pesky colds *shifty eyes*


im actually gonna BUY DFH at some point...
i feel faint

btw, nice recordings! sounds a bit muddy, but it gives a good idea of yo skills!
that dead by dawn song sounds like NIN or something
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Quote by Black-Metal
could i not just use a mike and cubase or something?
or is it more complicated than that?

well i guess you could

but pro tools is better and cheaper imo...
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For someone who is just starting out, ProTools is neither better (steep learning curve) nor cheaper (a real ProTools setup is not cheap).

The cheapest way is to download Audacity or Reaper, and buy a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter at Radio Shack and plug your guitar into the line in jack on your PC. Total cost $3 (max). Results vary widely though, it may give decent recordings may produce absolute crap, it depends on the sound card in your PC.

Above that you're looking at buying a recording interface for your PC or a standalone multi. How much do you want to spend?
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a stand alone multi track is probably a good idea

im using a zoom mrs 802 currently
but i hear the boss ones are good and that the zoom HD is essentially the new version of the 802...
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