im just wondering how i should set my eq on both 7 band eq and on my valveking

so recommend me some nice tones?
depends on what guitar your useing ..and maybe pedals .. but look in the manual u can find some settings there .. other than that just work with the knobs and u'll find some nice tones

good luck
I thought you put all the knobs on 5 and EQ your amp with the pedal running thru the effects loop :0, that's what I'd do
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What kind of tone are you going for?
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sorry i guess i wasn't specific enough..

i need to know some good settings for cleans, and also how to get the heaviest sound out of it..

and im a little confused as to how i should have the pedal set up as well as the amp, should they be at the same settings?
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My settings are at...

Gain- 10
Bass- 9-10
Mids- 3
Treble- 4-5
Reverb- 3

Fail don't scoop you mids.

But to the OP what pedals are you using? You probably won't get a good clean sound with ought a chorus pedal.