I have recorded some demo songs/samples I was wondering if you guys would check them out and tell me what you think about the guitar tones. The first 3 songs are in drop b tuning and the last 2 are in drop d. www.myspace.com/tornf if you like them and want to add me go for it.

thanks cant wait to here what you think.

which ones do you like the most
Dead by dawn was interesting, something that might be on like Red Alert soundtrack or something, i liked it, it was pretty creative. Same with evicerate, although it was a little repetive. The guitar tones are pretty thin and lack power. And i doubt there was any bass guitar, but im listening on my laptop, so i probably couldnt hear it anyways if there was, but i think some deep bass guitar would give your music a lot more power and defitenitly supplument the guitar you got going on. The 3 new songs i didnt care as much more, they just sounded like generic metal palm muted power chords, and could have been alright if the recording quality was better.

Check mine out? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=773087
thanks, dead by dawn and eviscerate were 2 of my early recordings. I think I like playing industrial stuff more than any thing else.