i know this sounds really odd, but i dont have alot of cash and im looking for a new amp

so if you would be willing to buy one of these amps for me, you can have either one of the guitars in my sig,

i know that sounds really stupid and your probly thinking SCAM,
but i assure you i am a person of my word and i do have trader refrences on this site

or you can trade me one of your amps if you dont want to buy one of these
let me know what you have

so if you buy me this amp(VV) you can have either of the guitars in my sig


(VV) or if your willing to spend the money for one of these (VV), you can have both guitars!



so basicly your buying one of my guitars for 300 or both for 600,

and if you want to trade your amp to make things easier let me know!!
Quote by nipplezthemouse
just sell the guitars, then with the money buy one of the amps?

well i thought this way i would be able to give you guys the guitars for cheaper then just outright selling them cause i would want more than 300 for them if i sold them but if you buy me the blackheart combo, thats only 300 bucks out of you pocket and a new guitar in your collection