is there a way to record a song on youtube and like mute out some of the instruments like the guitar and leaving the piano and drums in?

coz there is a song which has no tab for it and no backing track u can find anywhere on the internet, so is there anysoftware out there that will do this for me?
No. You should really start to learn the basics of digital audio.

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No way to just cancel one instrument out of the mix. There's a couple tricks you can use to isolate vocals that are mixed to the centre (if I remember right, it involves "subtracting" one channel from the other, leaving the sound in the centre intact), suppose you could either use that or fiddle around with an EQ, but you'd never be able to totally isolate an instrument.
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kind of. if the guiar or instrument you want to mute is paned center - which is where the main focus of the track (like the vocal) usually is.

Just flip the phase of one of the tracks (L or R)

It won't usually take everything out but it will make it very quiet.
well i dont need it completely gone, just not so loud. the song is the godfather them tokio 92 by slash, and i no how the get the tabs for it there is just no backing track, so i was planning to play along to the original recording but the guitar is blaring and the piano and all that arent ver loud, if i could decrease the volume of the guitar or increase the volume of the piano it would be all good, anyway i can do this?