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Hey fellow UGers,

This weekend I'm helping run a music activity at an event in England for 11-14 year olds, I need to choose a handful of songs we can teach them.
They should be:
a) Popular
b) Easy

It would be good to have a mixture of songs in different styles, and some with female vocalists too!

At the moment, heres a couple of ideas I had:
I'm a Believer by the Monkees
Buck Rogers - Feeder

I don't particularly care whether its good music or not, just that the kids will like it!

Thanks - much appreciated
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take it easy with songs like paranoid, smoke on the water, whole lotta rosie.
Those are the first songs everyone has learned at our guitar lesson scene
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how about cry of the blackbirds-amon amarth, the sound of truth - as i lay dying, six- all that remains
theyre pretty easy and theyre really good.
i know ive seen some kids really go crazy and have fun listening to this music
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Thanks for your replies. Will check out some of the songs you suggested.
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Some green-day maybe? Easy as hell but undoubtedly well known