its alright, the vocal recordings sound a bit odd, its very boxy. you may want to look up the chords for the chorus, they didn't sound quite right. i'm assuming your kind of new to the singing thing because it doesn't sound like a very delevoped voice, tone and pitch wise. it sounds like the tone is in the back of your throat/nose... not very ideal.

try to tiny up your tone by raising your soft pallet... to get an idea of how to do it, when your hands are cold and you breath warm air into them with your mouth slightly open. you hopefully should feel something raise up... thats your soft pallet, thats where it should be.
I'm think about re-recording it singing lower.

so i might do that right now since i don't have anything to do.

And since it is a cover version the chords don't have to be correct. I just played around and I thought it sounded cool.
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