Alright so I'm 20 years old, moving over to San Jose to hook up with some old friends from high school (plus to get out of the small town south I'm in right now )...

I have around $3500 right now...

I have a few questions:

1) How much can I expect to earn there from a job while I work on getting residency for college? Over here I make $1200/month. Of course, I'm in a tiny town here so there might be better opportunities. I've done two years of college so far (at a pretty prestigious school) but I don't have a degree or anything yet. Just looking for something to pay the bills till I can finish school and/or get my part time business going.
2) What are gas prices like? About 3.85/gallon here.
3) I've heard food's pretty expensive... can anyone estimate what kind of costs I'll be looking at? (I'm going to try to move in with some roommates to reduce costs)

I guess I'm just trying to figure out in general what my monthly expenses will be. All I can think of is, car insurance (or motorcycle which I'm looking into to save gas), food, and rent (as far as critical expenses). I've found some places going for rent for $300-500 on craigslist (with roommates of course) is this a good deal?
for one you wont save much on gas from a motorcycle cuz they take diesel which is wayyyyyyyyyy more expensive than regular
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All motorcycles take diesel?

I honestly can't say I have ever even seen a diesel motorcycle.

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