My prs se singlecut, wont stay in tune for more than 10 minutes and if i lower the action to reptuatble it buzzes like hell, ive had 2 set ups at my local shop, any advice ?
either the shop isn't doing a good job or you may not be lowering the action correctly.
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make the shop give you your money back and ask them to do it a third time
I had a similar problem with my PRS Santana SE, the stupid thing would never stay in tune. So, I installed locking tuners on it, and the problem has significantly decreased.
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to the gent that hs the prs, has increased the tunning to a respectable standard ie more than 10 minuttes of playing without going out of tune ?
Even after being set up professionally, the guitar itself may still need to settle into its new setup. You cant expect it to stay put just you get it!

Also, has the weather changed dramatically? If its raining, or particularly humid, leave your guitar in its case. This prevents damage from the humidity which may lead to tuning instability.

This is a more minor problem though, but i would recommend giving it some time before you say that there is any more of a serious problem. If there is, dont take it back to the same shop!