Hello there UG, me & my guitarist just had a (probably bad) idea - Is it possible to get a bit-like sound to a guitar? What we currently have to play with is merely a Yamaha MagicStomp UB99, but if we need other pedals, please give us some suggestions. If we get a satisfactory result, it would be pure awesomeness.

Any ideas?
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Do you mean Lo Fi?

Like a Nintendo Entertainment System?
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Do you mean Lo Fi?

Like a Nintendo Entertainment System?

Yes, exactly.
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like chiptunes?

I'd assume you needed a midi pickup and a synth pedal with the relevant patches.

but there could be an obvious solution I'm not seeing.
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I've actually been able to get some pretty decent bit-like sounds out of a POG pedal.
I'm sure that there are better ways though, check out the minibosses, I'm sure you could find out what their guitarist uses.
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